Friday, August 3, 2007

Second Life - How to change your password

Here is a quick how-to on changing your Second Life password. Granted, this only takes about 1 minute, but if you don't remember the exact sequence of steps to get to the correct screen, you are left Googling the web. I thought I would write it down for my own use as I am sure that either A) I will forget it later or B) I will forget it later....

  1. Go to
  2. Click on support [Top menu item on right hand side of screen]
  3. Scrolll down this page and look on the left hand side for an option in the section called "My Second Life" and choose "My Account".
  4. After clicking "My Account" on the right hand side of the screen there will be an option called "Password" which should be selected and the password screen will be presented.

These directions were recorded on 3-Aug-2007. Obviously Second Life could change the menu layout at any given point and these directions would be invalid.

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